To facilitate research on the cultural impacts of the Tamil literature and the foreign relations of the tamilagam. It helps to enhance the student’s knowledge and to get quality of understanding about Tamil history.


The advancement of high level learning and research on language, culture, attitude of people. The focus is not just on existence, but on excellence in all Tamil literature fields of knowledge to empower improvement of society.

History Of Department

Sasurie College of Arts and Science, which is affiliated by Bharathiar University, under this one educational sector is Tamil department. The department was origin in 2010 till it is going with high empowerment of Tamil knowledge and makes the students to know the importance of its current situation. Through the interest of the students, they brought many prize and medals for Tamil literature.

Faculty of Department

Department Gallery

"Sasurie college of Arts & Science was founded on November 19th,2010, in memory of the beloved father of the founder Chairman, Shri A.M Kandaswami,a Philanthropist and Industrialist with a resolve to serve the society by providing quality education. "

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